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Boundless Consulting

Boundless Marketing Messaging Program

Boundless Marketing Messaging Program

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Every business needs to create and utilize a marketing message that provides clarity for clients about the product or service and why they should buy it. The Boundless Marketing Messaging Program redefines your business to help you figure out what to say, whom you are saying it, and how to say it--the best part is that we work together to define your marketing message, and De'Van does most of the work for you!Ā  So let's redefine your business to increase profits! Pricing is provided during consultation.Ā 

Services Include:Ā 

- Audit of Current BusinessĀ 

-Review of GoalsĀ 

- Outline Target AudienceĀ 

-One Social Media PlatformĀ 

- Creation of Added ValueĀ 

-Defining Marketing Message

- Weekly Check-insĀ 

- Total 1 hr Monthly MeetingĀ 

- Introduction PreparationĀ 

Ā This is a minimum of a 3-month investment.Ā 


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