Clarity Strategist


Life Philosophy: If you want to achieve a goal, “NO” is not an option, “TIMING” is not an issue, and be “UNQUALIFIED” is a state of mind, not an identity. 


Founder, Mom, Sister, Teacher, Friend. She has over 15 years of professional experience in various roles connecting individuals to valuable resources, creating solutions to challenges, and educating others about policies and procedures to ensure they operate at the highest level. Her uncanny ability to assess, organize, and execute responsibilities makes her an essential member of any team. She also has fifteen years of experience in direct leadership development. Her B.A. supports De’Van’s professional skills in Psychology and Masters in Public Administration. 


De’Van is a Georgia Peach who’s particular brand of honesty mixed with humor and sincerity makes her a great sounding board for friends and colleagues alike. While always available to lend a hand or an ear, she focuses on accomplishing her goals and savoring life’s journey. She is a true adventurer and a believer in destiny. De’Van is a dedicated advocate for change and wishes to influence and provide others with equal opportunities in any way she can.  


Boundless Consulting was birthed in 2015, while De’Van was busy preparing for a very different birth, her son, Liam. She found herself searching for businesses that would provide specific services but found many lacked resources, too expensive, or inadequately advertised. Unsatisfied with the search results, she sought to create a company to help develop small businesses, connect people to services/resources, and set the business owners’ capabilities and services. De’Van was able to focus on the need to engage Small Business Owners on “how to..” or “what to do…”. 


 Let's Doux It!