Marketing Message

Marketing Message


The Client in the case study is an entrepreneur who was clear on who she served but wasn’t clear on how to say it so others would understand. She is an Accountant and needed help creating a marketing message and tagline for her business. 

The strategy to develop a marketing message in the Boundless Marketing Message Program is: 

  1. Base this statement on your brand promise and mission.
  2. Include the customer’s point of view. What is the solution that is provided to customers? 
  3. Don’t use technical language. No one wants to listen to terms or explanations in jargon, especially if it is not the industry in which the customer works.  

*bonus* Your marketing message does not need any supporting details. It is a stand-alone message. 


Disneyland: “The happiest place on Earth.”

Nike: “Just do it.”

Old Spice: “The original. If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist.”

Allstate: “You’re in good hands.”

Capital One: “What’s in your wallet?”

After a few rounds, we ensured that the statement flowed and conveyed her business services to her target audience. The owner should be able to say the message comfortably and efficiently.  

Developing a marketing message statement invokes an emotional response from the customer, sets a clear expectation, and stand-alone.  When a client follows directions and is able to explain what they offer as a business owner we can work to create strategies that fit that person! 






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