Consistency is Essential

Consistency is Essential

Strategy:  Consistency Builds Brand Trust 

While we enjoy working with all clients, especially those that are hesitant to try new things because they are unsure. 

This client wanted to target a different group of clients, but felt like what they were previously doing wouldn't be enough.  After reviewing what the client was doing the strategy decided on was to build trust through consistency. 

Through a series of processes the client understand the plan.  Very quickly results we were present! Across the board results happened-paid bookings, client referrals, engagement on social media and increase in revenue. A win right?  Now that client saw the results and felt confident with the processes- boom they decided to give 30 day notice and end our working relationship before we could teach all the strategies. 

 Within 3 months all the progress slowed down and the challenges once experienced  and overcome were  back. 

Consistency build brand trust; means that you cannot cut corners or change things because you are now in the green. Your clients current and potential will see the change and wonder what is going on - those thoughts negatively impact your credibility. 

Build trust through consistency. Utilize the strategies provided, don't make sudden changes to how you are doing business especially when you are seeing progress. 

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